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Have a Cigar

Music to Graduate By aka Matt Shoaf and Friends
Recorded as part of Matt's UMKC Master's Thesis-2006
Music to Graduate By
All compositions and arrangements by Matthew Shoaf. Saltshaker was recorded November 17th 2005 by UMKC Conservatory Recording and performed by Bram Wijnand's Swing Set: Bram Wijnand, piano and bass; Brad Wood, guitar; Phil Wakefield, drums; Matt Shoaf, bari sax; Jason Pukach, tenor sax; Justin Bayne, alto sax. All others were recorded by Fletcher Schubert (Auricle Audio) May 10th 2006 and performed by Matt Shoaf, tenor sax; Kevin Cerovich, trombone; Oscar Williams, piano; Ben Leifer, basses; Phil Wakefield, drums. 1. KC Pocket
2. DW
3. Time w/ Fun
4. Goin' Fishing
5. Saltshaker
Chamber Music
Performed by Matthew Shoaf and Joseph Voye at a spring 2006 UMKC Composer's Guild Concert. Fantasia for saxophone and percussion
Performed by Matthew Shoaf (fl), Andrew Verdino (cl), and Chris Braddock (db) at a spring 2006 UMKC Composer's Guild Concert. The Conversational Trio for flute, clarinet, and double bass.
Performed by Rodney Bake and Sean Cribbs at a winter 2005 UMKC Composer's Guild Concert. Music For Two Pianos
Performed by Mike Herrera (alto), Justin Bayne (tenor), and Matthew Shoaf (bari) at a fall 2004 UMKC Composer's Guild Concert. Chorale and Funk for saxophone trio
Have a Cigar
Live at the Belly Up Tavern
Filmed and produced by Front Row Entertainment
Fiat live on 90.1 KKFI Kansas City
September 2nd, 2009 live in the studio
On Tour with Hershel Abram
Summer 2009 MidWest Tour
Toledo, OH
Chicago, IL
Live show with Anthony Smith's Trunk Fulla Funk
July 4th, 2008 at Winston's in OB, San Diego, CA
Trunk Fulla Funk at Winston's, hosted by
Rough Cut, Hurry Up
Recorded for the 2007 RPM Challenge
Solo saxophone performed, recorded, and mastered by Matthew Shoaf. Echoing Green was inspired by a William Blake poem of the same name. 1. Falling Leaves
2. 6ish
3. Slow Hail
4. Echoing Green
5. I thought it was the blues...